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Alarm Security
Alarm Security
Alarm Security
All prices are fully inclusive of supply and installation. There will be no mess as no drilling or cabling required as these Smoke and Heat detectors are completely wireless.

What you need to know - New Scottish Government Regulations from Feb 2022

1 x Interlinked Heat Detector in any Kitchen
1 x Interlinked Smoke Detector in the main living area (most used daytime area)
1 x Interlinked Smoke Detector in any shared space (I.e. Hall or Landing)
1 x Interlinked Smoke Detector in any Attic or Basement room
1 x Carbon Monoxide Detector in any area with a Gas Flu (Boiler or gas Fire).  There is no requirement for these to be interlinked with the other smoke/heat devices

Systems fully compliant with new Scottish Government Regulations:-

Fully inclusive Price

1 x Smoke + 1x Heat Detector - £150

Additional Smoke detectors - £40

Additional Carbon Monoxide Detectors - £40

Examples of  Installed Systems :-

Fully inclusive Price

1 x Heat Detector  +  1 x Smoke Detector - £150 (fits studio flats)

1 x Heat Detector  +  2 x Smoke Detector - £170 (fits most flats)

1 x Heat Detector  +  3 x Smoke Detector - £190 (fits most 2 storey houses)

1 x Heat Detector  +  4 x Smoke Detector - £230 (fits most 3 storey houses)

Note: Additional Carbon Monoxide Detectors - (Stand alone units - not 
interlinked to smokes) can  be installed by our engineers at a cost of £40 
per detector on the same day if required.

Call Robert on 07900 008 378 or 0141 771 6740 for any queries or to arrange an installation.

Wireless Interlinked Smoke/Heat Detectors and stand alone (not interlinked) 
Carbon Monoxide Detectors

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